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The agency you’vealways wanted.

Niklas built million-dollar business units through digital channels within large corporations. Torben coded his first website at the age of 14 and has since worked with clients like Bosch, REWE, and Alpecin. Together, we deliver solutions that are unparalleled in the market.

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We develop tailor-made solutions that attract new customers and generate more revenue.

Our approach is rooted in years of real-world experience and a track record of success in various business settings. From our own companies to SMEs or large corporations. Our expertise and ability to execute form the foundation of say.digital.

Team of Experts.
We don't bill intern hours. Real expertise only.
Focus on Results.
We deliver measurable success. Nothing less.
Technical Excellence.
We advise and execute right away.
Reliable Partner.
We stick to agreements and deadlines.
No Politics.
We are committed and communicate openly.
Real-World Knowledge.
We have completed over 100 projects.

"The say.digital team very quickly understood our products, ideal customer profile and how to leverage digital channels to scale the business. Their speed of execution is outstanding."

Darran Heath
Global Hydrogen Director - Norgren (IMI plc)

We are the unfair advantage for your digital marketing.

From the right marketing strategy to the creation of ads and landing pages, to the development of automated workflows - say.digital is your partner for successful digital marketing.

Ads that work.
We know how to use Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising effectively.
Landing pages that convert.
We know how to build landing pages that turn visitors into leads.
Automation that scales.
We know how to develop workflows that turn leads into customers.

Exceed every forecast: We maximize your sales.

We build innovative sales processes that help you achieve your business goals. With our digital infrastructure, you have the perfect overview and can monitor every important sales KPI at all times.

Digital Sales.
We optimize your sales setup with digital processes for maximum efficiency.
Highest Transparency.
Every important metric at any time. No surprises.
Perfect Pipelines & Workflows.
From lead generation to closing. We've got it all under control.
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Your business on autopilot. With HubSpot.

As certified partners, we set up HubSpot as the command center for your company. Better understand your customers. Optimize your processes. And relieve your employees.

All data in one place.
With our say.integration service, all your business data is always available in HubSpot.
Dashboards & reports.
Enabling you to make data-driven decisions with meaningful dashboards.
Automations & workflows.
Maximum focus on what matters. Eliminate recurring tasks.
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We develop the applications you dream about.

Tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements. We develop web applications, interfaces, and services that give you a real competitive advantage.

Custom web applications.
Whether it’s multilingual websites, API microservices, or complex backends.
With the power of AI.
Solutions that leverage artificial intelligence that were once unimaginable.
Performance and security.
We use the latest frameworks and adhere to the highest standards.
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Revolutionize your business with AI.

From smart process optimization to personalized customer interactions - we take your business into the future.

Unfair competition.
We develop solutions that give you a competitive advantage and catapult you into the future.
Machine learning and Open AI.
We leverage the latest technology and models to help you use your data in the best possible ways.
For every use case.
Our solutions enable predictive maintenance, process automation, automated data analysis, and smart customer interactions.
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Okay, I got it. How can we work together?

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A team of proven experts

The team at say.digital consists of true experts in their field with years of expertise in tech, marketing, and sales. We have built our own successful businesses and scaled new business units for global corporations.

Niklas Coors

Niklas spent 11 years in industrial sales and marketing for a FTSE 250 company. He was responsible for developing new business opportunities in markets such as commercial vehicles or renewable energy.

The secret ingredient? Combining innovative marketing technology with the fundamental principles of sales. Because even with complex products, technology-based sales and marketing systems work wonders.

From setting up efficient sales pipelines to the automation of campaigns - Niklas supports you in winning your target customers with the right approach.

Niklas Coors

Torben Leuschner

Torben built his first website when he was 14. Since then, he has worked with clients such as REWE, Bosch, Interhyp, Greator, and Alpecin to help them grow their businesses online. Torben has further served as founding CTO in numerous fast-growing tech companies.

He specializes in web and AI development, performance marketing, and SEO. Whether it's lightning fast web applications, complex data integrations, or AI solutions, Torben has already implemented countless projects for well-known clients and startups.

Torben supports our customers in building top-tier digital infrastructure for sustainable growth, as both a sparring partner and implementation expert.

Torben Leuschner

Not the right partner for everyone

At say.digital, we work with clients that commit to long-term partnerships. As a team, we focus on working closely with a select few clients. That's why we may not be the right partner for everyone.

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Here is what our customers say

“For us, say.digital is more than an agency. Together, we've completely revamped our member acquisition process. Now we have a highly effective system for our growth strategy.”

Viktor Koshin
Get Impulse

“The say.digital team has set entirely new standards with their solutions.”

Christian Wiechert
Terra Gaming

“The say.digital team excels at quickly and effectively tackling complex tasks. We've found a highly competent technical partner.”

Thomas Mayer

“Whether it's complex web apps or custom AI solutions, the say.digital team always pulls off an insanely good solution outta nowhere.”

Jens Polomski
Online Marketing Expert

“The new landing pages say.digital designed and their lead generation strategies through HubSpot and LinkedIn exceeded our expectations. The results are phenomenal. With the workflows and the lead scoring system they designed we attract high-quality leads. The team is always there to support and constantly brings up new ideas.”

Andrea Coraglia
IMI Norgren
Web applications built
GitHub commits per year
Marketing contacts managed

Talk is cheap. Discover our real-life success stories.

Explore a selection of customer projects, including custom web applications, AI, and marketing optimization. Our solutions are designed to support you in achieving your growth objectives.

Product classification with AI saves time and money

Automating processes using AI is an effective way to save time and money. However, implementation isn’t a walk in the park—it requires careful selection of the right tech stack.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

90% digital marketing revenue attribution in the construction industry

Our client’s success shows that even in traditional industries like construction, digital transformation can significantly contribute to business growth. With the right strategies, a smart tech stack, and a willingness to innovate, it’s possible to stand out from the competition.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

10 X More Qualified B2B Leads with HubSpot, LinkedIn, and Nuxt.js

Lead generation requires a well-thought-out strategy and effective tools like HubSpot audiences and workflows. Collaboration with the client and identification of their pain points, along with the right approach, were key to success.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

How ChatGPT and Python simplified the migration to HubSpot CRM

Data cleansing doesn’t have to be boring and time-consuming. With the right tools and a touch of creativity, even this task can be mastered. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Python helped us carry out the data migration to HubSpot smoothly.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

How we transformed a B2B sales pipeline from chaotic to streamlined

Simplifying your sales pipeline can have a profound impact on your business, leading to better data analysis, improved transparency, and a more efficient sales process. It’s time to simplify your sales pipeline and revolutionize your sales process.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

B2B quote delivery automation: a custom configurator and the HubSpot API

By integrating the HubSpot API, we were able to create a highly automated proposal delivery process that enables companies to create customized proposals quickly and efficiently. This results in higher conversion rates and happier customers.

Niklas Coors

Niklas Coors

Leading Technology & Strong Partners

Looking to solve complex problems and achieve outstanding performance? You'll need a perfectly aligned tech stack. We are a certified HubSpot Partner, utilize the most advanced web frameworks and prioritize lightning-fast hosting.


Revamp your digital strategy!

Our tailored solutions are designed to boost your growth by tapping into our expertise in digital marketing, sales, and web development. We work with you to meet your specific needs, driving new customer acquisition and revenue growth. Don't settle for average digital results – partner with say.digital and write your digital success story!

Digital Marketing
Say.digital is your partner for successful digital marketing. We design ad campaigns, create landing pages, and develop automated workflows that turn prospects into customers. Our expertise includes Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising, as well as marketing automation. Count on us to help you win new customers and boost your revenue.
Sales Optimization
We help you optimize your sales processes and exceed business objectives. Thanks to a world-class digital infrastructure, you'll have full visibility into every aspect of your sales funnel and KPIs. We build business - driven digital solutions and automated workflows, so you can focus on what matters most - selling and increasing your revenue.
Web Development
Our customized web applications and services give you a real competitive advantage. Whether it's multilingual websites, API microservices, or complex backend systems, we leverage the latest technologies to meet your custom needs. Lightspeed performance and security best practices ensure your success on the web.
AI & Machine Learning
Stay ahead of your competition with our artificial intelligence solutions. Our customers use our custom tools and models for predictive maintenance, automated data analysis, smart customer interactions, and many more real-world applications. We support you to unlock the true powers of AI to create tangible results for your business.

“At say.digital, we understand what it's like to invest time and money in agencies that can't deliver on their promises. As entrepreneurs and corporate decision-makers, we've been there too. That's why we've committed ourselves to doing things differently. Combining business acumen and digital expertise, we're here to ensure you get the best results for your company.“

Niklas Coors
Co-Founder / CEO

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